Friday, October 8, 2010

How to save money on your auto insurance

Car insurances prices are increasing on the back of the credit crunch and are hitting drivers hard at a time when many can’t afford the extra expense. Unfortunately, more and more people are simply not getting auto insurance. This is foolish, and can result in financial ruin if an accident occurs.

However, there are ten simple ways to reduce the price of your auto insurance which have come up with based on their vast experience with car insurance firms:

1. Work on a having a good driving history-Insurance companies are taking a risk on your driving habits. As such, if you have a good driving track record, then chances of you getting in a road accident (and ergo chances of the insurance company needing to make a payout) are slim. So, the better you drive the cheaper your insurance.
2. Cut down your mileage- Reducing the number of miles you travel will also reduce the price of your insurance. However, don’t go over the mileage you state as this will render your policy void if you have an accident after you pass the limit.
3. Know your credit score- Your credit score is one of the things an insurer takes into consideration when figuring out the auto insurance quote to give you. If your credit score is bad, this means your finances are not good, which means you’re a big risk for the insurance company, which in turn means you get a high car insurance rate. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are often mistakes in one’s credit score! The best thing to do here is for you to know your credit score NOW and fix any erroneous entries by getting in touch with credit report companies to get these mistakes out and thus improve your credit score. In the end, a good credit score means cheaper insurance.
4. buy online- most auto insurance firms offer cheaper deals online than they in store or over the phone due to reduced admin costs.
5. Shop around- It’s easy to simply accept an offer from your current insurer. However, believes that shopping around and getting quotes from different insurers can save the average driver $326 a year.
6. Read online reviews- The only danger with shopping around is that you don’t know what the customer service will be like from the new insurer. Therefore try visiting (AIR). AIR is third-party site where thousands of people just like you sign up and post their own personal reviews of car insurance providers they’ve dealt with.
7. Haggle for a deal- Nowadays, there are plenty of discounts that can be had on car insurance but they won’t simply be given to you. So go ahead and ask! More often than not if you inform them that you have been offered cheaper elsewhere but would prefer the level of service offer by them, they will lower their prices.
8. Take higher deductibles- If you can afford it, opt to pay a higher deductible (the amount you need to pay the auto insurance company before they pay any claims) than normal. It may be steep at the start but this means paying lower monthly premiums too, which in the long run means more savings for you. However, it is a risk as it will mean you are more at risk if you do have an accident.
9. Park safely- Where you car is parked during the day and at night will influence the amount you pay, and if your insurers are told your car is parked on a driveway or in a garage, they are inclined to reduce the price of your policy. However, if your car is damaged when parked on the road outside your house when you have stated on your policy that you park in a garage, expect to have problems when making a claim.
10. Fit an alarm- Fitting an approved alarm and/or immobiliser is another great way of reducing your insurance price as it reduces the chance of your car being stolen.

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